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Embracing the Wolf (Anna Avery, #2) - Stephanie   Nelson Yet ANOTHER amazing book by Stephanie Nelson. This woman is my idol. I love her books and this one is no exception. I spent the last few days reading it every spare moment my son would let me. I just had to know what was going to happen next. The first book in the Anna Avery series, Taming the Wolf, was the story of how Anna was turned into a werewolf and fell in love with her Alpha, Adam. She did everything she could not to sleep with Adam, but when she felt like her death was certain, she gave in to her desires only to discover that she and Adam were Chantes, or soul mates. Adam's current mate, Eve, kidnapped Anna and tried to finish the job she had started when she turned her, but in the end Eve was the one to pay the price.

Now, Anna has to learn how to be an Alpha female of the Everwood pack which she has only been a member of for a few months. She is doing what was considered impossible by first snagging herself an Alpha and second by becoming an Alpha with her impure blood. Up to this point, made wolves were only for mistresses. An Alpha would never become the mate of one, nor produce offspring with one. Her sudden change of status has some reeling from anger and otherwise singing her praises. Its caused such a stir that someone is out to kill her, or perhaps Adam, in an effort to keep Anna from leading a pack. She has to learn how to be an Alpha while keeping other women from trying to steal her man and keeping those she loves from getting killed. Will she learn to embrace the wolf inside of her? Will she accept the Chante brand on her hand as fate or fight against commitment? Will she find out who is behind the attacks or fall victim to their vigilance?

It's a great story with several twists and turns. It will leave you guessing constantly and thoroughly surprised in the end. There's enough conflict to bring about a lot of character development. I just wish that I didn't have to wait for the next book to come out.

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