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Death Dealer - Ashley Robertson A fast paced book about a new paranormal being, at least in my opinion. Mia and Deacon are Death Dealers. The best way I can describe them is to think of them as Reapers, but they aren't angels. These are people who have signed up to transport souls to the gates of their deserved afterlife. After they achieve a certain amount of control over their powers, they can become members of the Elite. From the Elite, if they survive, they can become a Death Angel, an actual reaper if I understand it right. Their life isn't simple. They are responsible for pulling souls out of some bodies and just catching them when they pop out of others. Delivering them to their gate (light of dark) is a challenge itself. They transport souls to the ghostly realm, but have to walk to the gate. On the way, demons just may attack to try to steal souls for the Abyss (i.e. Hell) in order to disrupt the balance between light and dark.

This story is about Mia's past human life combined with her very reason for turning into a Death Dealer. Deacon has been her partner for the difficult cases, but recently she has discovered an unusual feeling about him. Deacon has noticed the same feeling, but neither has confessed it. After a terrible battle with a demon, feelings come to light. I am not going to say anything more than that because I would ruin the entire story. It's a really good story. I really liked how the characters develop. It's well worth reading and a great example of Ashley Robertson's writing.

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