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Coveted - Stephanie   Nelson I just love this author so much. Every time I get a hold of one of her books, I end up ignoring my other responsibilities because I just HAVE to keep reading. This book is no exception. It had been a while since I read Craved or Deceived (books 1 and 2), but after a few short chapters, I was right back into the plot like it had been yesterday. At the end of the last book, Gwen, a witch turned Spirit Walker, had killed a vampire that was trying to turn her into a vampire hybrid only to return home to find Death waiting on her doorstep. I mean that literally. The Angel Death was waiting for her because he intended to move into her apartment in order to continue her training as a spirit walker. Dorian Hade is not who you would expect Death to be like. For one, he is amazingly hot. No woman would turn Death away if he looked like this man.And two, you learn that he has a softer side. It takes a long time for Gwen to see it and accept it, but once she does, whooooooa buddy! In the last book, you also learned that Gwen's vampire boyfriend was in on the plot to turn her into a hybrid because he selfishly wanted to make sure she lived as long as he did. He didn't ever want to be without her and even though she would live a few hundred years, he wasn't willing to accept that. Gwen spends a good portion of this book trying to make up her mind between Dorian and her ex. My vote was for Dorian the whole time because once trust is gone in a relationship, it's near impossible to get it back.

You ill absolutely love how this book plays out. The ending is fantastic and feels like the series is over. Then there's the epilogue...That little teaser is going to drive me crazy until the next book comes out! Just when I was feeling like everything was exactly the way it should be! Oh well. I have something to look forward to now. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and this author.

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