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Rebel (Legend of the Spider-Prince #1) - Margo Ander It has been awhile since I read a straight up fantasy story, so I had a little trouble getting into it. I also had issues because of the words in the story. I think I was in chapter three before I could keep straight what some of the words were referring to. That, by the way, is my only complaint about this book. I would have loved a pronunciation guide for the words that are obviously part of the world created in the story. The difficulties I had were with how they were pronounced and whether the word was referring to an item, a country, or a clan. Once you get into the book, what the noun means becomes much clearer.

My only complaint lodged, this is a fantastic story. It is not a fast read, but it reminded me of how much I loved the Eragon series. The story is about a boy who believes himself to be a man since he has been raised among a rebel war party made up of brigands and thieves. He has been trained to defend himself by one of the best war generals of all time, but he has yet to develop the strength of a man. He is one of the bodyguards to Helgurdda, the rebel leader who intends to be the royenne (I take that to mean queen) of their country. She does have a claim to the crown, but due to the blood-feud that she has also vowed, she will never be royenne without completely overthrowing and killing the current royalty. In the beginning of the book, you learn about the blood-feud and how Wyl (the main character) has been raised. Then after becoming exiles, you learn how Wyl wasn't raised. You will also learn a few very important surprises about who he really is. Finally in part three, you learn what Wyl will probably become. The lasst part of the book flies by from all the action going on. I seriously had trouble putting it down once I got into it because I just had to know what was going to happen next. I guess I do have one more complaint about the book though, I don't want to wait for the second one to find out more. It's fabulous.

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