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Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) - Toni Aleo I actually read this book before I read Taking Shots. Of course that means I found out some information about Taking Shots ahead of time, but not enough to ruin the book. My point though is that this was th first true romance story I have read in a very very long time. That is exactly what this book is, a sports romance novel. It is also longer than most of the stories I read being 473 pages. If you are not used to reading these kind of stories, it might take you a while to get through. It took me a whole week. The story bounces back and forth between the perspectives of the main male and female characters: Lucas and Fallon. I really like her name because it so odd. Lucas and Fallon dated for two years and were madly in love until Fallon caught Lucas in bed with her best friend. At that time Fallon ran away from him and the story is taking place 7 years after that incident. The urve ball for their situation is that when Fallon left, she found out that she was pregnant with Lucas's son Aiden. She has kept Aiden a secret because she felt so hurt and betrayed by Lucas that she couldn't bring herself to get a hold of him. She couldn't even call his mother, whom she genuinely thought of as a second mom. When Fallon came home pregnant, her father took away her trust fund and she had to prove to him that she could run the family wine business. He essentially disowned her, but couldn't deny her business sense and allowed her to run the marketing part of the company. Unfortunately, Fallon has tied the wine business to the local hockey team and Lucas is a hockey player. I think that deep down she did it so that she could get to Lucas when she finally decided she needed to. Of course she doesn't have to worry about that because he ends up transferring to the Assassins and lives 15 minutes from her house (approximately). It is now unavoidable that they will meet and he will learn about Aiden.

Lucas has been wishing he would run into Fallon again some day and is pleasantly surprised to learn that she is in his new home town. He has never stopped loving her and is a changed man. He knows he will never love anyone other than Fallon and is determined to have her back in his arms. When he finds out about Aiden, he becomes even more determined that they will be a real family eventually as long as he can put up with all of Fallon's trust issues and mood swings. He is one heck of a man for putting up with everything she dishes out to him. He is also a dream come true for a woman who has a child with the man because he actually wants to be in his son's life. Of course he wasn't around for the difficult years of child rearing, so really it is easy for him to be in his life. Either way, he will definitely make you drool over his bond with his son.

Overall I found the story enjoyable, but I really think it was much longer than it needed to be. I wanted to scream at Fallon for not just giving in to Lucas sooner and for how bipolar she was after they made up. I understand that she had trust issues, but you will learn in the story that some of her issues were really unfounded. Lucas is so forgiving that you want to scream at Fallon for everything she does especially since she truly loves him. After seven years you really would think she could give him a second chances a little more easily than she does. It was good, but I wish she was a little less whiny and that the book was a little shorter.

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