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Waffles and Pancakes; A Lesson in Bullying - Cindy Springsteen Another cute story by Cindy Springsteen. This book shows how bullying can affect little boys and their hamsters. Really it is meant to demonstrate what can happen when someone is bullied and how that person might react and/or fix the issue. Bullying stems from any number of things, but normally it is a person's way to try to make up for some emotion they don't know how to handle. I think most bullies are sad, lonely, and possibly being hurt at home some how. They take out their frustrations on those around them in hopes that it will make them feel better. In truth, it doesn't normally work. What is great about this story is that Danny and Griffin acknowledge the issue and stand up to the challenge of fixing it. Their hamsters, Waffles and Pancakes, do the same thing with a guinea pig named Oscar. They all learn to resolve their issues and end up being friends as a result. The art is wonderful and the lesson is appropriate for all ages.

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