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Keeper of Reign - Emma Right Keeper of Reign is a young adult book that is appropriate for all ages. The story is about a family of Elfies, specifically the eldest son Jules. The world that the Elfies live in is wrought with danger. Jules discovers early that his grandparents have died leaving him to be the man of the household. His father is away guarding the borders from the Handoverans, a similar race of people that have also been tortured under the rule of their king. To make matters worse, someone attacks his home and kidnaps his mom. All signs point to the girl he has feelings for, but no evidence to support that she is traitor the Elfies. You are probably thinking, "How would she be a traitor to the entire race from the kidnapping on one woman?" Well Jules's mom is a Keeper, hence the name of the book. She has hidden in her possession a book that was written by their previous king in his own blood. From what I understand, it's a book of prophecy as well as codes, maps, history, and perhaps more. One book can give the reader a lot of information on the Elfies, but if you have all five, you could rule over everyone.

It was a very interesting story. Jules and his four siblings along with two friends have many crazy adventures. They certainly get hurt along the way, but it's all very realistic for what they go through without being something that you don't want your kid to read. My only complaint about the book is the length of the chapters. There were chapters that were only two kindle pages in length. This is done when it changes perspective between the main character and typically bad guys. It makes sense why it happens, but it drives me nuts. It makes me feel like the book is a lot longer than it is when it really is a reasonable length. You should know that not a single book, but it is not a cliffhanger either. It's definitely a great book for your preteens and teenagers.

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