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Howling at the Moon - Karen MacInerney I love anything werewolf related, so this book was an instant attraction to me. It's the story of a lone werewolf who has believed herself to be all alone in the city of Austin, Texas. She has lived there for the majority of her life and only seen three werewolves one time each. She feels pretty safe with her secret as long as she has the four major full moons off from work. However everything is about to go wrong. Someone has discovered her secret even though she hasn't told anyone. They are sending her threats at work. To top that off, her meddling psychic witch for a mom has been arrested for murder. I am not using the term witch to mean a bad thing; she is literally a witch. She's meddling because you will come to discover that her mom has cast a spell to attract werewolves to the area in hopes that Sophie will discover that her kind isn't as bad as she has always felt. It causes some interesting situations that help and hinder her investigation into the crime her mother did not commit.

It's a very entertaining story. It's very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed the character development and the plot development. The only complaint I have is that I felt like some information was reiterated a few too many times. I think this was Karen MacInerney's way of showing how easily distracted Sophie was with everything going on around her, but I am not 100% certain. If you enjoy werewolves like I do, I definitely recommend this book.