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Winters Heat - Cristin Harber I love the multiple meanings the name of this book has. The description caught my interest right away. While it isn't something I have been picking up to read as of late, it is something I would have read before I started writing book reviews. This is a story full of heat, adventure, excitement, and romance. It pretty much has a little of everything you could want in a romance novel.

Mia is a psychologist and Colby is an ex-military man out to do good. Mia just has some serious bad luck in getting caught up in an international incident. What was supposed to be Colby stopping by the airport to pick up a simple package ended up being him rescuing Mia from a Columbian team out for the same package. They end up spending days trying to get her to safety at the Columbian lord decides that not only does he want the package, but he also wants Mia just because she made his life difficult. You will be in love with the things that Colby does to keep her safe. In the midst of everything, they find themselves in each other arms. Is it all from the adrenaline and the stressful situations? Or will Colby and Mia find true happiness with one another. You'll have to read to find out.

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